Talbot Farm Landscapes help build the London 2012 Olympic Games

Talbot returfed the olympic stadium within 24 hours following the opening ceremony

Turfing The Olympic Stadium

After the jaw dropping spectacle of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony it was time for the games to begin and fortunately Talbot Farm Landscapes – alongside Hewitt’s Sport Turf and County Turf – were on hand to ensure that things went off without a hitch. Talbot arrived in the stadium on Monday 20th July 2012 with just 24 hours available to create a surface suitable for the world’s best athletes, a truly daunting task!

Thankfully we came well prepared with a full team of 24 operatives on site along with 3 of our custom built turf laying machines and were able to carry out a complete re-turf of the whole surface in a record breaking 12 hours. Unfortunately there was little time for us to rest as we returned to the stadium less than a month later to repeat the whole process for the Paralympic Games at the end of August! It was an exhausting few weeks but we think the results speak for themselves.

Landscaping The Athlete’s Village

olympic3Talbot Farm Landscapes were proud to be working alongside PJ Carey’s construction on one of their most ambitious projects to date. The Athlete’s Village in Stratford was designed as a village-garden style district to house 24,000 athletes during the Olympic games and covered a 67 acre (20 hectares) site.

We installed a complete range of drainage products to aid drainage on the hard “podium” tops which housed the underground parks and amenities and imported in excess of 2000 tons of sand and top soil to form the basis of the gardens. In addition to turfing we planted several thousand shrubs and trees, some of which were semi mature with root balls several metres in diameter. One of the most challenging aspects of the job was the altitude – since all materials and plants had to be crane lifted on to the podiums using specialist lifting equipment. Thankfully none of our team are afraid of heights!

Our work on the olympic village involved crane lifting all materials on top of the apartment pedestals
Our work on the olympic village involved crane lifting all materials on top of the apartment pedestals

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